Our goal is to preserve the quality and tradition of Peruvian folk art by providing a market in the US. We travel to Peru regularly and personally select each piece ourselves.

Please view our Gallery and if you see something you like or are interested in buying please contact us. We will respond ASAP and would be happy to discuss anything with you. A lot of our items are one of a kind, but if we haven’t got exactly what you see in the slide show, the chances are we will have something similar. Or we can look for something specific for you on our next trip to Peru. We can ship virtually anything in the shop but only within the 50 states.


Shipibo Folk Art

Delicate earthenware pottery and balsa wood carvings made by the Shipibo tribe  in the Peruvian Amazon.

Rugs and Throws

These hand woven, 100% wool rugs are from the Cuzco/Titicaca area in the Peruvian highlands.They can be used as colorful blankets, wall hangings or rugs. Approx. $150. Our throws are made of alpaca blended with wool [...]

Ayacucho Pottery

This terra-cotta pottery is from the province of Ayacucho in southern Peru. Most of it has religious or superstitious origin. The figurative pieces are kept on peoples roofs to ward off evil and are sometimes [...]

Hand Carved Olive Wood

Salad bowls, chopping boards, etc. made from olive wood which was brought to Peru by the Spaniards in the 17th century. Olive wood is hard and strong and is unique because of the extraordinary grain [...]


Cooking in eartheware pots is the simple and natural way to prepare food. Modern technology cannot imitate the flavor and aroma these pots give to your food. These pots are oven and fire proof. Cooking Pots [...]

Reverse Painting on Glass

Reverse painting on glass is a technique brought to Peru from Europe in colonial times. It consists of painting the back of a piece of glass, (first the outline, then the color, then the metallic [...]

Chullucanas Pottery

Chullucanas is a town in northern Peru not far from the Pacific coast. The people who live there are descendants of the Vicus, an ancient culture (5000 B.C.) who's remaining pottery artifacts are found only [...]

Chess Set

Hand crafted clay or wood chess pieces on wooden board which serves as carrying box. Pieces depict the Spaniards vs the Incas. Large  $95 Medium  $45 Small  $32


The Peruvian Retablo is the result of a melding of European and indigenous customs. These gaily decorated boxes containing multi-figured scenes have antecedents in rites, customs and traditions of both the Iberian peninsula and the [...]

Mates Burilados

The carving of gourds is the oldest art form in Peru. Originally utilitarian they are now mostly decorative. The gourds grow in Huancayo area in the central Andes, which is where this craft form originated. [...]



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